Welcome to my website - I hope you enjoy looking at my work. 


I am a studio potter, based in South Oxfordshire, with my studio in my garden - in a garden shed which really is yellow.   

I have been potting for 20 years now which sounds an awfully long time but feels a lot less.  I hand build my pots, using coils and moulds.   I use an electric kiln, and a garden incinerator dustbin to smoke fire my pots once they have been glaze fired.


If you like my work and are interested, there are 3 ways to purchase my work - 

                   Galleries and Shops - please see Stockists section

                    Fairs and Shows - go to Events section for upcoming dates

                    Online  - through my Etsy shop -  Yellow Shed Pottery Shop


New for 2017

I will be running a series of workshops and courses at several venues in 2017 - please go to the Workshop tab